Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Honey House Season Tickets!

*HONEY HOUSE SEASON TICKETS!!!  6 shows for $50!  Folk music, Dances, Family Music and Comedy!  All in the beautiful and intimate Historical Honey House.  

Performers will include:  
Red Tail Ring
Michael Waite
The Pasi Cats
The Monday Night All-Stars
Papa Crow (Family and Children's Music)
Mary Mack (Comedy and Music)

Dates will be set early in 2016.  Support Local Music and venues!  Tickets make a great Holiday gift!


Honey House Season Ticket

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Crock and Rocker Traveling Fashion/Trunk Show

5:30 PM Browsing and Social, 6:30 PM Style Show and Appetizers! Mead and Honey Soda samples all evening!  *prizes *show specials *unique venue

Tickets $10 at the door or on our blog

The Crock and Rocker is a unique clothing and gift shop from Michigamme, MI.

Purchase your tickets online by clicking below or at the door.

Crock and Rocker Traveling Fas

Summer 2015 Honey House Schedule

More details on special events as they draw nearer!  Print this out for your fridge!  
June 12th through the end of September:  
Friday:  open 5-9 PM
Saturdays: open 12-5 PM
Sundays:  open 12-5 PM

June 12th:  Open Mic 6-9 PM
June 14th:  Encaustic Exploration:  2-5 PM
June 17th:  Crock and Rocker Traveling Style and Trunk Show 6 PM
June 26th:  Contra dancing with music by The Monday Night All-Stars:  6-9 PM
June 19th:  Open Mic 6-9 PM
June 28th:  Paint with the Saints:  2-5 PM

July 2nd :  Culinary presentation  6-9 PM
July 3rd :  Open Mic 6-9 PM
July 4th:  Mid-Summer Artist Market:  11-3 PM
July 10th  :  Open Mic 6-9 PM
July 12th  Encaustic workshop: 2-5 PM
July 17th:  Open Mic 6-9 PM
July 19th:  Paint with the Saints:  2-5 PM
July 24th:  Eric Hopper in Concert:  7-9 PM
July 25th:  Paul Doffing in Concert/ local food showcase:  6-9 PM
July 31st:  Open Mic 6-9 PM

Aug. 2nd :  Encaustics Workshop:  2-5 PM
Aug. 6th:  Culinary presentation:  Arlene Coco 6-9 PM
Aug. 7th  :  Open Mic 6-9 PM
Aug. 9th:  Paint with the Saints:  2-5 PM
Aug. 14th:  Open Mic 6-9 PM
Aug. 21st:  Open Mic 6-9 PM
Aug. 28th:  Open Mic 6-9 PM

Sept.  3rd:  Culinary presentation 6-9 PM
Sept. 4th:  Open Mic 6-9 PM
Sept. 11th:  Open Mic 6-9 PM
Sept. 13th:  Encaustic Workshop:  2-5 PM
Sept. 18th:  Jonathan Rundman in Concert:  6-9 PM
Sept. 20th:  Paint with the Saints:  2-5 PM
Sept. 26th:  Harvest Festival  11-3PM
Oct. 9th:  Roma Ransom in Concert:
Oct. 24th:  Kraut Fest!  

more TBD!  

Friday, April 17, 2015

Paint With The Saints 2016

Paint With the Saints:  "Have a Spiritual Experience with us!"  
Sunday Afternoon Painting and Sipping Sessions:  Honey wine or Honey 
soda samples included as well as all materials and supplies.  Leave with
 a finished masterpiece and No Experience Required/Necessary!  Melissa 
will guide you through this art experience in our relaxing, casual 
environment of creativity.  
$30 per session

June 19th :  2-5 PM:  Birch Trees (Father's Day Special). 
July 24th:  2-5 PM:  UP Silhouette design or Lake Superior
August 21st :  2-5 PM:  Northern Lights or Sunset
September 18th:  2-5 PM:  Autumn Landscape or the 4 seasons

Message to reserve your space.  Payment is accepted at any time to save your spot.  


july 24th


Sunday, June 8, 2014

Summer views around the Honey Farm!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Keep A Hive Alive!

The honey bee should be the poster child for sustainable agriculture because it produces a perfect food that never spoils and it does so without using a plow, pesticides, fertilizer or irrigation. The honey bee has set a standard for sustainable agriculture that is not likely to ever be surpassed.” Mark Beran, Medovina Meadmaster and Beekeeper
Happy New Year Friends! 

New Year's Sunrise: January 1st, 2014 over our fields
New Year's Sunrise: January 1st, 2014 over our fields
We want to give you a chance to “bee the change”! Those of you who have been following us realize the past 2 years have been very low yielding honey years at Algomah Acres Honey Farm. Weather combined with colony die-offs have made it difficult to keep up with the demand for the sweet stuff. Our artisan honey and mead products have gained a following throughout the Upper Peninsula and across the country!

Usually our honey sales help to re-populate our apiary after winter die-offs…but this year the lack of honey has put us at a deficit. We have diversified our products, but nothing quite compares to Algomah Acres Raw Honey. 

Here is how you can help!
1. Visit our blog: CONGRATULATIONS-- you are here! :)
2. Click on the yellow “donate” button (on your right)
3. Decide what amount you would like to contribute to our efforts
4. Sit back and know that you are helping to “bee the change”!

How are we going to use funds?
1. Purchase colonies of bees to grow or maintain our apiary. 3lb packages are going to go up to about 120$ each this year. Your support could “sponsor a hive”!

1$-25$ original card and lip balm
26$-99$ original upcycled block printed bee shirt (and card/lip balm)
100$ or more: your name on a hive (this summer) plus we will reserve a 1 lb jar of raw honey for you from next year’s harvest! (and the shirt/card/lip balm)

As most are aware, the honey bee is currently under enormous stress. Pollution, parasites, stresses resulting from commercial pollination methods, poor nutrition and a limited gene pool are all contributing to the largest global bee die off in modern times. For more details and also things you can do to help, click the link:
Yet, we have hope: “The beehive is one of the most successful ways in which the purpose of life has ever been organized….you can almost detect the purpose of life as you stand in the honey-drift downwind…if I just stand there long enough watching the bees…perhaps I’ll understand the purpose of life too”. --Verlyn Klingenborg

Thank you for your continued support of our efforts and our projects! We look forward to hearing from you! Melissa, John, and the bees