Sunday, January 4, 2009

processing the beeswax

here are some images of my adventures in melting and filtering unfiltered beeswax. this is the procedure I used with the cappings wax and unrefined beeswax that I got from the local beeman, Les.
Step 1: put the wax with several cups of water in a double boiler (yes, there is wax and water in the inside pot..the water "washes" the wax.
Step 2: allow the wax to become completely there is just soup in the inside pot
Step 3: ladle out the wax by skimming the top of the pot--pour it through nylon mesh that is clipped to your strainer...catch the wax in a flexible container.
Step 4: depending on how much wax you have, you may have scooped up some will settle in the bottom of your container....wax floats to the top and will harden.
Step 5: after the wax is hard, pop it out of your container and discard the water.
Step 6: you may want to melt and filter the wax again, but also you may find it pure enough to work with. I usually just throw away the nylon after several uses...but you could also clean it out and re-use it. Have fun! (sorry, pictures go backwards!)

step 5

step 4

step 3

step 1 and 2