Sunday, July 14, 2013

old onto your hat!!Here comes summer!!

We wanted to let you know that the bees are doing very well; the mead is aging, and we hope to see you soon at one of our events!
We had a visit from a wonderful photographer working for UP Second Wave Media She captured some lovely images of our the article on Crowdfunding here
22(photo by Shawn Stockman Malone, Lake Superior Photo, Marquette)
This week:Roe Family Singers in Concert on Thursday at 7:00 PM!Elijah Halpin opening…good old timey music to welcome Summer!! We hope to see you there!! Fun for the whole family. 
roe family singers
After that, we have our Third Annual Mid Summer Artist Market!!Saturday July 6th from 11-4 PM.We have some very special vendors (15 at least) with art, fine crafts, and gourmet foods.  (New York Bonnie's hand made Honey Bunnies below! Come to get yours :)
honey bunnies!
Local bee pollen from our hives and late season honey from last year's harvest
With a little luck, we will have Blackberry Mead and Traditional for tastings as well as Cyser, Chokecherry, Cinnamon, and Raspberry.Be the first to sample it and let us know what you think!As usual we will have food and live music too! 
blackberry front small
Sunday, July 7th at 4 PM, we are honored to host Kitty Donohoe in Concert!Join us for a relaxing afternoon of music, mead and merriment Kitty Donohoe is an award-winning songwriter with three critically acclaimed albums to her credit, who successfully merges her Celtic and American roots in her music. For more information on Kitty visit
Did you catch all that?We will be in touch before the end of July, but just to keep you posted, July 18th is Kaivama in Concert, and July 26th is Red Tail Ring!The County Fair follows and we should be harvesting some early honey by then!Whew…August holds new adventures with performer Dakota Dave Hull and a trunk fashion show by the Crock and Rocker!
We’ll leave you with a toast!To summer, to life, to the bees. 

All the best, Melissa, John and the honeybees….