Tuesday, June 8, 2010

new soaps from the Celestial Soap Factory

Honey beeswax olive oil soaps
Light orange—“summer spice” (Jenn’s birthday blend): Vetiver, citronella, sandalwood, lemongrass essential oils
Dark orange—“sunset spice” (Jacalyn’s): tangerine essential oil, Apricot oil, calendula flowers, and turmeric for color
Light lavender—“ shady forest”: cedarwood, sage, orange, and ginger essential oils, green tea texture
Darker lavender—“floral breeze”: lavender and geranium essential oils, lavender blossoms and powder
Light tan—“milk and honey”: almond honey essence, ginger essential oil , goatsmilk
Darker tan—“goatsmilk spice”: goatsmilk, vetiver, patchouli, lavender essential oils, apricot meal texture

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