Sunday, March 18, 2012

March Update

Passed our final inspection today from the state investigator~let the fermentation bee-gin! Celebrated with a little blueberry melomel and watched the honeybees visiting the first crocus of Spring!!
crocus honeybee 4
Bees are buzzing in our overwintered hive near our house~
Don't forget to visit our website and get your e-mail added to our mailing list: free honey for the 50th name entered! (at the honey house page)
website screenshot
Lastly, here is a Mead toast for St. Patrick's Day:
"Friends and relatives, so fond and dear, 'tis our greatest pleasure to have you here. When many years this day has passed, fondest memories will always last. So we drink a cup of Irish mead and ask God's blessing in your hour of need." The guests respond: "On this special day, our wish to you, the goodness of the old, the best of the new. God bless you both who drink this mead, may it always fill your every need."
be not afraid 2 words
We will be in touch to let you know about our summer events!
All the best, Melissa, John and the honeybees too~

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