Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Summer 2015 Honey House Schedule

More details on special events as they draw nearer!  Print this out for your fridge!  
June 12th through the end of September:  
Friday:  open 5-9 PM
Saturdays: open 12-5 PM
Sundays:  open 12-5 PM

June 12th:  Open Mic 6-9 PM
June 14th:  Encaustic Exploration:  2-5 PM
June 17th:  Crock and Rocker Traveling Style and Trunk Show 6 PM
June 26th:  Contra dancing with music by The Monday Night All-Stars:  6-9 PM
June 19th:  Open Mic 6-9 PM
June 28th:  Paint with the Saints:  2-5 PM

July 2nd :  Culinary presentation  6-9 PM
July 3rd :  Open Mic 6-9 PM
July 4th:  Mid-Summer Artist Market:  11-3 PM
July 10th  :  Open Mic 6-9 PM
July 12th  Encaustic workshop: 2-5 PM
July 17th:  Open Mic 6-9 PM
July 19th:  Paint with the Saints:  2-5 PM
July 24th:  Eric Hopper in Concert:  7-9 PM
July 25th:  Paul Doffing in Concert/ local food showcase:  http://www.pauldoffing.com  6-9 PM
July 31st:  Open Mic 6-9 PM

Aug. 2nd :  Encaustics Workshop:  2-5 PM
Aug. 6th:  Culinary presentation:  Arlene Coco 6-9 PM
Aug. 7th  :  Open Mic 6-9 PM
Aug. 9th:  Paint with the Saints:  2-5 PM
Aug. 14th:  Open Mic 6-9 PM
Aug. 21st:  Open Mic 6-9 PM
Aug. 28th:  Open Mic 6-9 PM

Sept.  3rd:  Culinary presentation 6-9 PM
Sept. 4th:  Open Mic 6-9 PM
Sept. 11th:  Open Mic 6-9 PM
Sept. 13th:  Encaustic Workshop:  2-5 PM
Sept. 18th:  Jonathan Rundman in Concert:  6-9 PM
Sept. 20th:  Paint with the Saints:  2-5 PM
Sept. 26th:  Harvest Festival  11-3PM
Oct. 9th:  Roma Ransom in Concert:  http://gordiedean.wix.com/roma-ransom
Oct. 24th:  Kraut Fest!  

more TBD!  

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